Monday, March 30, 2009

The Cardinal's

Bryce made his first debut on the baseball field on Saturday. He did great, since this was his first time to step foot on the field. I will have to say, he looked like a little stud - muffin. He is so tall & lean, he just fits the profile of a baseball player. They tied with the other team, but Bryce was just too excited to even care. I say that, then this morning he said they were going to wipe the other teams hinney today??? Okay! We all had a blast & can't wait for tonight's game, as long as the rain stays away. Go Cardinal's!!

Oh yeah, Bryce also is collecting the baseball cards now. Now, I don't know who is more excited..Bryce or Shane?? I think they both are! Ha!
Oh, I finally got to watch the "Twilight". Awesome movie, thanks to everyone for holding out of me. Ha! I finally just now got to see it!! Loved it!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Break fun!

I think we are suffering from separation anxiety! Ha! We were all together again for the week of Spring it's back to & working- this applies to everyone in the Borak household!

However, I cherished the days I got to have Bryce at home... it was great to sleep in, stay up late, and just do whatever we wanted with big brother. The little ones & I do whatever during the week, but having Bryce with us was a BONUS!!

We started off the week heading to the Houston Rodeo. I didn't know 3 little kids could go through 300 tickets in a matter of 5 hours! Mercy! It was a blast, watching Lilly getting pumped around by the animals in the petting zoo, to Aunt Nimmer getting her shirt eaten by an animal in there as well, to Bryce & Brock living the thrill of the carnival rides! I was very impressed with the set up of the rodeo this year. Bryce & Lilly decided to get their little feet wet on what it feels like to be a bull rider. Yes, they both rode a mechanical bull. Lilly had to practically do the splits to sit on it, but she & Bryce both looked adorable. It just topped off the night. Just a little side note..we are not real big western people, so I didn't buy any of the kids any boots(why waste the $ if they won't wear it, right)? One reason is because the boys just refused to try them on, then Lilly's poor little narrow feet just kept sliding everywhere(she would have had a ton of blisters before the day was thru). So, I had dressed Lilly into this cute little outfit- blue jean skirt, striped tights, & just a very colorful layout. However, when we were there at the rodeo, Lilly looked more like a little bull fighter!!!! It was hilarious. When we got her picture taken with the bull fighter, he even gave me his camera to take a picture of them as well. Never guessed I would have dressed her like a bull fighter. However, she was the only little bull fighter there. Kinda nice, since everyone else was in boots & cowgirl hats.

We followed up the week with trips to the park, get togethers with friends, Pump It Up, & had a big crawfish party for Nana's birthday. I decided to take a week off with the kids- no bows or hw, which was so overdue & nice. But, today I am totally swamped!!!! I have huge bow orders for Easter & stores, plus numerous projects due for school. Man, am I playing catch up now!

Lilly's 3rd birthday is quickly approaching, can't believe my baby is going to be 3 on the third! They just grow up so fast.. I remember every detail about all three of my kids birth even today, just like I had them that day! Cherish every moment with them, & give them extra hugs & kisses!!!!
Here we are at the cook off!

At the rodeo....Enjoying Dipping Dots!!!Keith Urban....we had a great view!!Trip to the park...Brock, Lance, Bryce, Hailey & LillyMy little Aggie guy!Sweet Lilly. I love how people say Lilly looks so much like her mommy(at least one kid does)!! HaHappy St. Patrick's Day! At Pump It UpLilly & Daddy at Missy & Keith's weddingMy little precious miracles!Where is Brcok?Daddy getting to dance with his other favorite girl!Big brother teaching Lilly how to dance- too sweet!One of the many batches of crawfish, yummy!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Start of Spring Break!!

I am so excited to be on spring break with the kids!! However, I have to go back to school, but a lot of my professors are letting us have the week off too. Only some of them-ugh! Anyways, we are heading to the rodeo tomorrow with the kids. It is the first time for them going this year. I just pray the weather behaves & the sun makes a breakthrough. I am keeping my fingers crossed. We have a busy schedule this week. I am wanting to do the extra special things, since Bryce is home!!!

I have been letting the kids stay up late every night this weekend...until 11(they are in bed by 8), so tonight it was back to there beds. There was a lot of moaning about no couch night tonight, but mommy has to get some stuff done. Study, make bows, & just relax! I think Lilly headbutted me 2-3 times last night. Seriously, she finds a way to mold her little body into mine. Then, tosses & turns the remaining night, headbutting me along the way. OUCH! Hmmm, I think that is why I had a headache this morning...thanks Lilly!!! Ha!

I hope everyone has a great spring break. Can't wait to read what everyone else did, besides sleep in. Ha!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Here we come Spring Break!!

What a different turn in direction the weather made today. It was cold, rainy, & just simply ugly outside. You never know when to clean out winter clothes here in Houston?? One minute it is 80 degrees, then you wake up freezing the next morning; dragging back out the sweaters & coats. YUCK!
I can honestly say I am ready for the kids to be on SPRING BREAK next week! This will be Bryce's first..awww! Yes, I know I will probably cry tomorrow when I pick him up from school. HA! We have met the most amazing people & friends this year. I am so excited to get to spend time with them over this break. We are planning on doing & going everywhere here in Houston...the Zoo, Space Center, Pump It Up, Rodeo (w/kids), Children's Museum & much more play dates. I know everything is going to be crowded, but what isn't going to be this week? I am not going to not go, because of this reason. For one, this is Bryce's first Spring Break & Lilly & Brock are doing great in school.

Many ask about Lilly..she is going exceptionally well!!! She has developed a big immune system, has broaden her horizons at school, she knows so many songs, made such wonderful, lifetime friends & has truly lived! I say lived, because I sheltered her for the first 2 years of her life, while she was on synagis. Yes, Lilly qualified for synagis 2 years in a row, which is very hard to do(medically & trying to get insurance to cover it-$1200 a shot, once a month). However, I am tired of putting her in a bubble(she has gotten all her 5 medical releases) and to be quite frankly, all my kids got some of the nastiest bugs & viruses when they stayed at home with me. I could never explain how they got it, because I am obsessed with germs. I am also OCD when it comes to a clean house. I have just learned you can shelter them...but from what? They still get sick no matter what, no matter how much you protect them. Getting some sort of sickness, may it be a cold or a virus is just all living & breathing in nature. So, yes we are going exploring next week, & mommy is excited to have all three wild monkeys all day together again! HOORAY!

Bryce is having western day tomorrow at school. They are stirring up a big pot of chili! So, I am excited for him about getting to help cook it. We got him some cowboy attire today to wear tomorrow at school. It looks a little weird on Bryce, because he dresses preppy or sporty. So, this is a whole new look for him. I didn't spend much money on his rodeo wear today, just because it will probably never get worn again. Everyday after school goes like this.....Bryce & Brock come home from school & their clothes are already off before they hit the stairs. Seriously, it is like they have ants crawling on them or something. HA! But, they head upstairs & immediately put on their Under Armour stuff(man do I wish they would come down in price). This all determines if it is clean??? Also, if we are having people over, going outside or somewhere. If none of that is occurring then they stay in their boxes the rest of the day. Why buy clothes???

Brock got moved up in his gymnastics class! He was excited to move up to a "BIG BOY" class. Little did Brock know he is definitely in the big boy class. All the boys are a year older than Brock. This class is what looks like to be a conditioning class. My muscles ache just watching...the RINGS....OUCH! I think Brock missed the "Mountain", which is a big mountain with slides & platforms to jump off of into the sponge blocks. They got to go to the mountain the last 8-10 minutes of class. But, not in his new class! WAKE UP CALL!!! He is on the big boy side now. It is just amazing how strong these little guys are. I do have to mention this, because this sums up Brock to a "T". I asked the coach after practice if he thinks Brock will be okay in this class(due to his age). He responded back w/o any hesitation, "Oh yes, Brock is WILD, he is a natural, because he is so fearless!!" OK!! That is all I needed to know about Brock Davis!!!

Brock Davis

Brock & Grant at "Mom & Me" night at school.

Brock is in the middle, doing the splits. OUCH!

Monday, March 9, 2009

How did Brock get that? I need to say more? This was our calendar for February. People don't understand when I say we are BUSY!!! Thank goodness we are in March, I am hoping we use a little less ink this month!

How funny is this...2 days after Bryce lost is first tooth...the other tooth came out! I kept asking Bryce, "Are you brushing your teeth everyday, because your teeth are just falling out". I guess that explains why he is brushing his teeth every hour.....enamel is about gone. Ha! He was so proud & excited again....MONEY!!
Brock had Rodeo Day at school. However, he kept repeatedly asking me over & over if he was coming home with me- WHAT- it is only 10:00. As a mommy with a million things to do, I still had at least 4 hours left! Instead, I decided to bring him & Lilly back home & we played games & just relaxed. Relax, yes let me use different wording, tired, fatigue, or no energy. Well, under these definitions you would see "Brock's " name. Brock has recently been acting very tired, he has kicked in with taking naps again & just been a couch potato. So, I was asking friends & family of my concern with his feeling of tiresome lately. The responses ranged from, "Just be thankful for the naps, enjoy it, or take him in to get checked out". I decided that this was not my Brock Davis, so we headed in to see Dr. LaCour. I was thinking maybe Brock was anemic or on the start of getting a nasty bug, but he wasn't showing any symptoms. Anyways, 3 vials of blood later, Brock has Mono!! Mono, what? Where did he get that? No way, he just got over the worst straind of the flu 4-6 weeks ago. Mono? What? How? Okay, so tell me about this, because I have never had it & was not to familiar with it. Actually, I was still in shock, but glad to have finally gotten an answer. Who had Brock been kissing?? Ha! The tiredness can last up to several months, so I am hoping he is at the tail end of it, which I know he is, because he isn't showing an symptoms. Poor Brock, he has really been hit hard this year with VIRUSES!!!! Viruses stay away from us! On the flip side, Lilly & Bryce have brushed off all these viruses (knock on wood), undoubtedly, have remained healthy.
Speaking of Lilly, she has been growing & growing. However, just straight up! She is so skinny around her waist & under her belly. Ha! Also, her foot is once again a triple narrow! She grew out of all of her shoes, so we headed to Stride Rite. Lilly literally tried on every shoe in the store & all but 2 fit! Thank goodness, Lilly likes to play dress up, she was such a great sport. Anyways, I got the 2 pair of shoes that she could wear & I could not get my 3 fingers in. If you put your 2 fingers together, that is how wide Lilly's foot is. It isn't even wide, but so skinny & narrow. She has feet like her mommy, long & skinny with a high arch. Here we come Nike!! So, I went back to another shop & got Lilly some Pedipeds (they are the best shoes for narrow feet). I wish Lilly could wear the Lelli Kelly shoes (love all the sequence), but they are made for girls with wide feet, the total opposite of what Lilly needs (believe me, I called them). UGH!! It should be fun when we go "Croc shopping" for the boys, because Lilly so desperately wants the pink ones. Sorry Lilly, maybe next year!

Lilly playing cowgirl!

Lilly with Poppy at Kayla's track meet.

I still love her in PINK!! (Lilly wore all pink for the first 15months of her life) HA!
Poor Brock trying to fight off the "MONO" tiredness.
After a busy February month!