Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Time flies by..

Wow! I can't believe it is almost 2010! Where has 2009 went...well time just flies by when your busy with 3 active children. As I am typing I am trying to get all 3 of the kids healthy for a new year! Ha. A lot easier said than done, right?

Where to about with the oldest and I will just work my way down. Bryce started complaining about having those headaches again, so I went on ahead and took him in, because previously he started to vomit with these horrible headaches. Well, of course we didn't see our doctor(out of town) and this doctor couldn't find anything wrong with Bryce..go figure. This was just all a replay of last time when he had the sinus infection, but it was only detected thru the ct scan. Okay whatever, but I knew we would be back, but only to see OUR doctor next time(sorry, we love our pedi)! After Christmas Brock had not gotten any better with his cough, and him and Lilly were going hand and hand with this cough. So I thought I would go ahead and schedule something for them. Shane and I were leaving in the next couple of days for the A&M game..don't want to talk about that game..ha. So, I wanted to have everything under control for Nana. That night Brock woke up screaming about his ear hurting, so I took him into the doctor that morning(already knew what it was). Lord and behold, our doctor was working the after hours! What an answered pray! Brock had a horrible, horrible ear infection, so he is on antibiotics and a decongestant. I told Dr. LaCour about Bryce, and he gave him antibiotics. We were on a roll when he asked about Lilly. I told him Lilly was very congested, but didn't have any wheezing going on. We discussed her symptoms, then he gave me some meds as well for her. So nice to have such an understanding doctor who feels your pain. HA! So, we have half of Walgreen's in my cabinets right now. Needless to say, we are on the road to recovery!

We had an awesome Christmas as usual with the family. The kids are so truly blessed to have such wonderful grandparents. They love them so much they make it difficult for us to find space for all their toys. lol Santa was very generous again this year. However, the kids do act very well and are honestly great kids. Shane and I are so blessed to have 3 totally different, but compassionate kids. We love them so much.

I have truly loved having Bryce home all day and not just on the weekends. I think I might even shed a few tears when he goes back to school. Don't get me wrong..I do like some mommy time, but being a mom is just priceless! What wonderful memories to have when we are a family of FIVE!