Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Long Update!!

Here is the start so bare with me thru this very long update......

Here are some pictures from our Sea World trip.

Bryce & Brock love feeding & petting the dolphins. Lilly, well you can see where her hands are.

Lilly can still touch her bottom with her head. She is still very flexible (wish I was).

Two peas in a pod- My sweet Bryce & precious Lilly

Look at those DIMPLES..... Brock had a great time feeding the ready-to-eat, all the time, birds.

On the other hand, Lilly wasn't to eager to touch or much less, let them touch her.

You can always count on charmer Bryce..... The bird just flew right on top of his head. Poor Bryce put a smile on, but was asking me constantly if the bird was going to poop in his hair!

The whole gang actually looking all the same way. You can't imagine how difficult it is to try & get everyone to look the same way, all eyes open, smiling & not pulling away from you! Amazing!!

Lilly with her Prince Charming..... Daddy!

The kids showing off their smores they made at the hotel campfire. They were messy, but boy were they worth it!

Here is the class project I made for Brock's class to auction off at there fall festival. All the hand prints I made into zebra's. It was darling & a lot of fun. It went up to $100. YEAH!

Bryce learned how to ride his bike w/o training wheels. Yeah Bryce, you did it(before you were 6yrs)!

There goes my BIG boy! Great job!

Halloween pictures:

Brock was Janga Fett
Bryce was Boba Fett

and Lilly was Goldilocks & the Three Bears(thought it suited her well, since she already has the goldilocks).

Sneaking a piece of candy!

We had a little get together with Shane's partners kids(Lilly's boyfriend, "Marshall") & cousins, Hayden & Kayla. Too much fun, along with CANDY! They still have buckets of candy is almost December?!?!

Celebrating Brock's great season with soccer(he turned out to be quite a soccer player).

All he could think & talk about was getting a trophy like big brother Bryce. Now, he has a well earned trophy, that he keeps on his nightstand(doesn't let it go to far from him). Congrats Sweetie!
Bryce played a major role in his school play for Thanksgiving- He was the chief, the class had to repeat after Bryce's performance of memorized words. You did a fabulous job Bryce(lot of responsibility for being a Kindergartner).
Such a sweetheart!

Bryce's class

On the same day of Bryce's Thanksgiving play at school, it was actually Bryce's 6th Birthday! Shane & I had planned a surprise b-day party for him w/ 6 of his really good friends. Here is a picture of them hiding before Bryce arrived. We were all ready to jump out & say surprise!


He had a stunned look on his face at first........ not sure what to think. He was then, just thrilled to have all of his friends at his house to eat pizza, cake & accompany him to see the new movie, "Bolt". We had a great time & all the kids did fanaminal(we were a little worried about taking more than a van full-)haha. Yes, Shane & I traded in the Expedition & I have a new Honda mini van. I love it- hands down the best car I have ever owned & driven. So, I guess I am officially a soccer mom- feel blessed to be one!

When the party was over I was a little sad to think how fast Bryce is growing up. He is now in Kindergarten & I feel like I just brought him home from the hospital. I can even feel/remember the emptiness I felt leaving the hospital w/o him. I am afraid to blink, because of how time flies.

Bryce today is very well manned, has a heart full of compassion & love, unselfishness, carries generosity & is an everyday joy in our lives. His teacher describes Bryce as the kind of kid you want the whole class full of. We are super proud of you Bryce & the milestones you have accomplished in your life.

Everyone chowing down! Bryce was so busy, he didn't even take his jacket off!

Storm Trooper cupcakes.
Bryce opening up his gifts(still wearing his jacket).

After a busy Friday, following more parties on Saturday, we celebrated Brock's 4th Birthday party at Cypress Academy of Gymnastics. It is one of the best places to have a party. The coaches were so full of energy(something you need for fifteen 4yr. olds) & they both came with a great sense of humor(something you also need). I will have to say, the kids all looked wiped out when they felt.

Here is the Birthday boy, Brock!!!
Lilly loving the "pit"

Bryce also having a great time.
The party crew.

On Tuesday, we had both Brock & Lilly's school feasts.
Here is Lilly wearing her shirt she & her classmates made. Darling!

Here is Brock by his good friend, Grant(every Grant I know is just a cutie). Love those dimples!
So, on Wed. I went to pick Bryce up & well........this is what he was wearing. So, I had to dig for my camera & take a picture of my little Indian.
As you can all see how fast paced our lives our.....
Shane is still working with the HPD CRU division. He totally loves his job, but not more than the kids & I(we love to hear the cool stories). Bryce wants to know how many people he put in jail & Brock wants Shane to shoot them, instead of taking them to jail. Funny how their little minds work!
As for me...I stay busy with the kids schedules, making bows & more bows & have decided in the mist of all this to go back to school. Yes, that's right mommy will be going to school too! I am finishing up my teaching degree. I am nervous, since I have been out for 6yrs, but feel confident w/ all the support. However, I don't even think I have another extra hook to hang my backpack?!?! Bryce said, "Mommy we can buy you a new backpack & have your name put on it"(all the kids names are monogrammed on their backpacks). Then, Brock stated, "Mom, Mom you can just use my Transformer one". What would I do w/o my precious boys?
I hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving & lots of reasons to be thankful. I know I have a list going out the door.
Promise not to go so long w/o an update.

Friday, November 21, 2008


Will update with the details tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Brock turned the BIG 4!! We celebrated with the family(his party is soon to follow) & he picked out everything...cupcakes, plates, candles & gifts..haha. I have to tell you all this, because this is just Brock. I was searching around the house everywhere trying to find where I put the candles for Brock. I even missed him opening up some of his gifts, because I felt like a goofball not remembering where they were(we had a house full of family)?? So, ancient time heck with the candles- lets sing Happy Birthday!! Before we could get the first note out, Brock shouts, "Hey mom I know where my candles are! I will be right back." He had taken the candles up to his room! Go figure with Mr. Brock Davis. I should have known Brock knew where they were.