Friday, February 27, 2009

Bryce has one less tooth tonight!!

Oh my gosh, my baby is officially getting older!! Bryce lost his FIRST tooth tonight(bottom one). He was shocked his barely hanging on by a root tooth finally popped out! He was ecstatic and I started crying. It brought back memories of when he got his first tooth in(on his first birthday). Now, it is gone and he is getting ready for his BIG boy tooth to come in. Aw, I am so excited for him, but sad he is growing up? He asked if we needed to brush it, that way the "Tooth Fairy" would leave him more money. Ha Smart thinker!!! Cleaner tooth equals more money!! Ha I suspect w/n the next few weeks the next bottom one will fall out too. It' s getting kinda shaky! Way to go Buddy! We love you!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Beautiful Day

Today, in Houston, the weather was absolutely beautiful! I did a little weed picking- getting ready for spring flowers and the kids played nonstop. I wonder where they get all there energy from? If only I had half of it! In less than an hour, 2 kids under the age of 4 can make a culdesac look like the inside of Toy's R' Us. We had gymnastics this morning, got Brock a haircut( starting to look like a mop on his head-ha), made Lilly's 5 doctor appointments (3year checkup with specialists), went to lunch with Shane, played outside in the beautiful weather, and took all the kids to Academy to get baseball shoes. Didn't realize baseball shoes are so expensive?? However, I have the solution to this problem... I told Shane from now on, when we get the kids their sport shoes, we will just buy the color black. I have always liked black..everyone looks good in it and now we are going to save in it. So, Bryce can pass his cleats down to Brock, then Brock to Lilly. What a plan! Lilly will be playing soccer in the fall with her brother, Brock. She is going to play an age up. She might be small, but don't let her looks fool you, she is fast! Plus, big brother Brock will be out there(both on the same team). The only shoving going on the field will probably be the 2 of them. ha Gotta love the sisterly and brotherly love!! This will eliminate Shane and I having to duplicate ourselves to make it to all the kids games...Let the games begin!!!
I am trying up myself into a better blogger, so watch for the daily updates.
I am going to go hit the books, and do some studying since the little ones are asleep. Gotta love it, every night by 8o'clock the kids are in THEIR bed(sometimes they join me on the couch). I don't know if a lot of you know, but I sleep on the couch. It is not a martial problem, because Shane works nights..ha! Our last house all the bedrooms were up, but our new house, the master in down. I feel like the kids are so far apart from me. Even though we don't let our kids sleep with us(can you imagine all THREE), I just felt like if they needed me or something I would be close by. So, after buying this beautiful Aberdeen bed(I wanted it for so long), I don't even sleep in it. Shane makes fun of me all the time..."You just had to have that bed", I replied , "Yes, honey so you could sleep like a baby when you go home from work" ha! So, yes, I sleep on our sectional upstairs that is one of the most comfortable couches I have ever been on. When you sit down on it, it feels like the couch absorbs you...cozy! Going to go hit the couch & books!

Bryce and Brock
Lilly flying by on the scooter.
The Aberdeen bed I never sleep in. ha!


Tuesday, February 24, 2009


After much deliberation, Shane & I decided to keep the blog public. Due, to the overflow on our carepages and home received emails. It is impossible to keep up. We started carepages in the first place to update on Lilly's daily battle fighting for survival. We have had thousands of people from all over the world pray and keep status with us. It would be selfish to eliminate them! POWER of PRAYER!! That brings us back to the status of Shane's job. Yes, he does deal with a lot of high profile gangs, but truthfully anyone can get any information they desire. That is the absurd part about it, none of us can hide where we live, no matter how much money you pay. I think Shane will have an extra pray everyday when he goes to work, due to our support system.

Now, on to me....I feel guilty on neglecting the "Blog World". I have honestly been up to my neck..with school work, bows, or being a mommy. Everyone is doing great...we are slipping thru the cracks of getting sick!!! Can't get over how many people are still so sick. It hit us last month, which was the first time in a long time we had went to the doctor. I went to the doctor(reg. primary) last month for the flu (so much for the vaccine). It was the first time back since 2004. CRAZY!!! I was either pregnant or nursing, so I just used my OB for filler prescriptions on sinus stuff.

Bryce is doing get in school. He loves to read & has started chapter books. I am not use to no pictures. Where did they go? He is getting ready for baseball, can't wait to see him in those tight little pants-such a cutie!!

Brock is growing like a weed. He has become so sweet lately. Not that he isn't a sweet kid, but he has so much determination & stubbornness in him. It was becoming very challenging. I would often ask myself, does he even like me? But, Brock is the child who is your friend, depending on your answer. If you say yes, well he just loves you & hugs/kisses, but the minute you say no.... enemy. However, I have learned that no matter what, Brock needs us. He is now wanting more affection. I just eat it up, because Brock is coming out of his nut shell. He wants me to carry him, which I do and wants more me time. He is accelerating in gymnastics and also begins t-ball next month.

Lilly has been growing also, I say growing, but I mean growth spurts. She is getting so tall! Shorts starting to look like "Daisy Dukes"!ha She is all caught up with sizes and development for her age. People always ask me if Lilly gets sick real easy do to her prematurity? I have talked to Lilly's doctors at TCH (pedi &neonatologists) and have all said that preemies develop at their own pace, however by age 2 basically preemie excuses are no longer valid, unless due to previous surgeries, vision, hearing or some sort of disability. Other than that, Lilly being sick is not an excuse of her prematurity! She can get a cold, runny nose like anyone else. RSV is harder to contract the older you get. Lilly was on synagis for 2 years of her life, because of her chronic lung disease and frequently in/out of hospital trips for breathing treatments. My boys were premature also and have been thriving! Lilly just got a slower start, but is thriving also. Dr. LaCour always laughs when I ask him about...well is this related to her prematurity or is that a cause of this? He always responds, "Ambra look at her, she is healthy and on the chart. She was born a preemie, today she is a healthy toddler"! I know I am babbling, but it gets frustrating when people think I should shelter her. She is full of energy, like her brothers and continues to learn and gain more knowledge everyday. For instance, we asked her where she wanted to have her birthday party at? Lilly answers, "I want to have my party at the park with the swings and my friends". I told her that it could rain & everyone would get wet, so why don't we pick another place? Lilly pauses..... then responds, "There is a pavilion at the park"!!! She is always a step ahead of me. Anyhow, we came to the conclusion of doing it at the gymnastics facility, not that her outspoken idea wasn't good enough, but just to much work for Shane & I. ha

Bryce & I ice skating

Brock and Lilly cooking up something tasty!

Lilly at gymanstics
Brock doing his thing.