Monday, July 21, 2008

WolfaPalooza Weekend at Lake Travis

Wow! What a great time we had this weekend. We went up to Lake Travis(Uncle Steve & Aunt Shereda's house) to see my dad's whole side of the family. We started this a couple of years ago, since trying to get together for Christmas was to difficult. Especially, when trying to balance out multiple families. Can you say headache? Every year we make unforgetable memories, along with playing catch up.
My kids had a blast, maybe since they all love the water! They all rode the Sea Doos, even little Lilly, who insisted on driving?! However, Lilly wasn't to sure about the tubing? We decided to skip it with her & try next time. However, she is a little dare devil; jumping into the lake, then, jumped into the pool with no floaties on! What is she thinking? Thinking she was having herself a good old time, having mommy chase her around the pool. She has absolutely no fear of the water, which is fine if I had another set of eyes, maybe a couple extra arms & a padlock to keep her from taking off her floaty. Overall, she will swim to the top of the water after jumping in & w/n minutes she is up wanting to do it again. She wears me out! Thank goodness I had them all young!! Bryce is doing awesome swimming! When you can sit out & let them swim- that is progress. Brock is still a little intimidated by the whole swimming by yourself stage. He can swim like a fish with you in the water, but that is it. His favorite game is for you to push him to the bottom of the pool so he can retrieve diving toys. I was pretty impressed if I might say so myself. My cousins little 18month old, Mason, was so infatuated w/ what Lilly was doing this weekend , it was too cute. Lilly would dip her finger in ketchup, so would Mason. Sorry, Shan, however; we did get Cole to start emersing his head into the water. Yeah Cole!
Since I found out that all of the family members have blogs, I just wanted to say thanks for a great, catch up weekend & we love you ALL!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

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Day at the Dentist

We all loaded up today & headed to see the dentist for the first time. What an adventure it was. Honestly, when is it not when you have three kids under the age of 5. I will have to say, the staff was ready & in full force to take this crew on! After filling out paper work after paper work(x3), we were led to the back for x-rays of their teeth. I will have to admit, the kids did very well. Shane also had a good time, maybe it has something to do with the fact that the kids dentist is an AGGIE! They talked about football & more football; okay why are we here? It was kinda funny to hear him ask questions about Lilly's prematurity. He had no idea what NEC was..or ROP? So, I found it amusing explaining to a doctor about it all. You could definitely tell he was a dentist & not a medical doctor. Overall, The kids took to him very well. Lilly did exceptionally well for her age, so the nurse said. Almost two hours later, we walked out with three happy kids; kids walked out with stickers, toothbrush, toothpaste & floss. What a pleasant & first time to conquer out the first trip to the dentist!

Everyone did hop on the scale today...the resluts are in, Bryce 47lbs, Brock 37lbs & Lilly missed the cut off to 25 lbs. To bad it wasn't 27lbs, then it would have been 27, 37 & 47lbs!! Now, that is a good way to remember! All the kids are growing like weeds. Speaking of kids...I ran into one of the parents from Bryce's preschool today. I was blown away to hear that her child has been in three camps, MDO & went to stay with relatives for a week?! What? I don't know if it is just me, but I want to be with my kids... I actually enjoy spending time with them. I know that am a little partcial since Bryce will be going to kindergarten; okay maybe A LOT, but still! We have been so busy doing things together...there was not any free time. They have been in swim lessons, gymnastics twice a week, going to the pool, movies & just enjoying having our friends come over & share memorable moments. What is better than that!!! However, a mommy's day out is always due every now & then. I just feel that these moments in life are the ones that you have to take advantage of. Take advantage of spending time with them, teaching them, loving & cuddling with them. They are so precious & ready to learn!
For those of you who do not know, we are in our house!! YEAH! We have been here for a couple of months. Still getting settled in with more pictures. I didn't know I was a camera fanatic! All the pictures are so cute & I want to place them all out, but lets face it they are way to many. So, I am still sorting thru them; hopefully, I will have them all up & shining.