Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cleaning Out!

The last couple of days I decided to tackle Miss Lilly's closet & clean OUT!! I started with three for resale shop(friends), another for garage sale & then to the toys I want to save for my grand kids one day. I came to the conclusion that I was saving everything....when I looked over at the keepsake tote. It was ridiculously overflowing with cute little baby toys & the forgetful playtime memories. Some(most) of the toys started with Bryce, then survived all the way down to Lilly(don't know how the toy managed to stay together). Those were for sure a keeper- w/o a doubt! I just didn't want my children to grow up & think I did not save any of their favorite toys. Now, they will probably think I saved EVERYTHING!! Here goes my obsessive compulsive behavior again. In the end I was amazed how much Lilly had outgrown her clothes & shoes(she just outgrew her last years fall clothes). Pants still fit around the waist, but she is definitely flooding in the length department-poor baby. So, needless to say, Lilly needs some new winter clothes. Watch out stores here we come!! Lilly is like her mom & freezes where ever she goes. She wears fall clothes to school, because she feels like an ice cube every time I pick her up. Thanks Bryce, Brock & Lilly for swaying mommy to keeping almost all your toys(you tell them we are going to get rid of it & they act like they have been searching for that particular toy forever)!! You can explain to Daddy when he can't move about in the attic!!!!