Friday, January 23, 2009

Busy Borak Bees

WOW, what busy Borak bees we have been! I know I said the previous blog would be our last....well I need to post this. I have a facebook, I am finally getting with the program. You know you are not cool w/o it..haha. So, when you get to facebook, send over email, this way I can shoot you back over an "Invitation" for our blog, when I go private. It will be on Monday!

In the is an update. We finally got all the kids schedule worked out for gymnastics(who would think????just multiply times 3), so now I have 2 going at the same time & Bryce at a later time. Shane & I are only asking to complicate things when baseball comes about next month- oh boy! Here is a view of our previous weekends.......We have honestly had 5-7 birthday parties EVERY weekend since January came about- seriously is that even possible????? We are filling up on cake & ice cream for breakfast, lunch & dinner!haha I probably have killed a tree already in wrapping paper & gained in ice cream

Bryce has really been enjoying school(thank goodness) & has meet some neat kids in his class. He is getting ready to loose a tooth! Yes, I know...Bryce has not lost one tooth yet. That's okay he will have his teeth longer than most. His front bottom tooth is going through a "Toothquake" haha He is still full of heart- he has the biggest I know!! Lovable!!

Mr. Brock Davis....well- is Mr. Brock Davis. He loves you one minute, then can't stand you the next. It is all based on your answer!!!haha Brock has done extremely well in gymnastics...moving all the way up to the top! He is in the advanced class & boy does he get a good workout. When I watch him & Bryce do these stations- I am burning calories!!ha
Brock has almost got it down on writing his name out- he fights me on it. Uh... & I was going to home school??? What was I thinking, obviously not clearly!!! He does more performance for his teacher, than for me. Brock at school is what you would call- FREE ENTERTAINMENT!!! I am not sure if I should be worried??? We love Brock, because that is Brock- hardheaded, very independent, know- it- all, but yet he has that killer passion for his family. "You are the bestest mom"-Brock

Miss Lilly..oh Miss Lilly. She is a class act-period!! She is doing so well in school. She has made out like a champ this year in sickness & she is around so many kids. Who would have ever thought- not me. I was so into sheltering her & all for what? She still got sick & was on breathing treatments every 4 hours! At school she has grown the bow business....people want the same bow made right off of her head- too funny! She is my BEST advertisement, what can I say! Lilly is down to three specialists- yes, we did have to add another one....pedi dermatologist. I don't know where to begin, but she has severe eczema! Then, she has something else- looks like warts all over. So, basically Lilly takes a bath, to then be proceeded in another one-creams, steroids & medicated lotion!! I am so confused- what do I put on first-last? She has an appointment in Feb.- can't wait. Ready for my baby's skin to feel like a baby & not a snake.

Thought this was kinda funny...Bryce weighs 48lbs(expected to be 6ft tall-yeah), Brock 38lbs(same height expectancy) & Lilly 28lbs. Lilly is growing up like her mommy..long legs. She will be my height-tall! This is the easiest way to remember their weights..28, 38 & 48! Hilarious!

Okay, Shane has been busy working with...the FBI. Scares me to death, but the stories are just priceless. Are there really people that uneducated & lack common sense?? You would be amazed, it blows my mind the things Shane tells me. See this is the reason why I can't go public. With him working stakeouts, with FBI & Vice, oh no..I will not be alone here at night.

As for think I signed up for all essay classes-ha), bow business, mommy to three beautiful children under 6yr & a TAXI DRIVER, I don't know what day it is!! I am starting to think I need a nanny, maid & a cook! Wouldn't that be great! No, not really with me being such an overly detailed person, they wouldn't last. ha

The big news...I am overly super excited about, I am posting a new blog for the March of Dimes! As of now there are about 5 families doing it. I will post the blog later- it is under construction. But, I am so thrilled all my preemie friends want to go in together & form a big team...TINY SURVIVORS!!! How cute is that?? There are families who have had 23weekers all the way up to losing a child born too prematurity. What a neat way to raise money for such a great cause. So many emotions & friendships poured into it. It is going to be a great success!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Last Blog posted to public

After a long thought out process, I have decided to not post reading & pictures to the public. Shane is working an upper line of duty(undercover) & arresting murders & people associated with very well-known around the states gangs. With Shane working at night, which leaves me all by myself with the kids, just has me a little on ease?? I'm sure you can understand....people tend to just freak out when they hear Shane works nights. So, we don't want any retaliation!

However, the good part about this is now I can put up pics of our house- inside & out! A lot of you have been asking about the house & our move-in, so next blog will have pics up of all the rooms!! Yeah! Man it takes a long time to put up & organize. I am getting ready to redo the kids is my new in the process project! Also, I have pictures of Lilly in her flower girl dress- the cutest thing! My little princess!! Her & the boys are all going to look adorable!

So, stay tune as I add Christmas day pictures & I might seek a picture of Shane undercover....he looks just as handsome as when in uniform!!