Monday, June 29, 2009

Bryce's results

I just got off the phone with the doctor & he has a major sinus infection(I will take that any day)! However, it would have only been detected thru this ct scan, because Bryce doesn't show really any symptoms. Yes, headache is a symptom, but drainage or stuffiness usely occurs as well. His ct scan showed that all of his cavities were filled with fluid(showed up as white, instead of blk on ct). Bryce is now taking a decongestant & the yellow Triminic. The doctor wants to put a hold on the Propranolol & the neurologists for now. Thank you Lord! It is just frustrating if it was indeed just headaches, then we would be debating the source of them. Now, we have the cause to these headaches.
Thanks for all your advice, concerns, and prayers. It was really an intense weekend for Shane & I. As we were playing the waiting game for the results. Thanks again to everyone for your love & support!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Prayer request

A couple of weeks ago Bryce started complaining of his head hurting. Then, last week when his head was hurting he was vomiting shortly after. Due to the frequency of the headaches reoccurring I took him into the doctor. Our doctor suspects it is migraines, but wanted to do a CT scan to just rule out other possibilities. Bryce had the test done this morning & now we are playing the waiting game until Monday when his doctor gets the results.
I am nervous, probably expecting the worst, but having been on an 86 day hospital roller coaster ride with Lilly, it is hard to shove these thoughts aside. Bryce is currently taking medication 3 times a day to try & help regulate the severity of these migraines. It was a shock to me, because what causes a 6yr old to have migraines? They have the best life & what is there to worry about, beating Mario Cart on the DS? But, yes as little as they are they can get headaches. So, please keep Bryce in your prayers!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Shane, thank you for...

..your passion you give to us

..your energy you bring to our family (thank goodness, because we have 2 wild boys)

..your outgoingness

..your unconditional love (you are my foundation & our kids hero)

..your shelter you provide (you always make us feel safe-must be the police officer in you)

..your unselfishness (you always put us first before yourself)

..your patience (yes, you do have some, esp. when it comes to my OCD or 3 tired kids)

..your understanding (you always have open ears to hear me)

..your dedication (you are always there for the kids & I)

..your heroism (everyday you protect our city)

..most of all being a wonderful DAD to our three precious miracles.

I wouldn't have Bryce, Brock, & Lilly if I didn't have you! You have made each day such an awesome day. The kids & I can't wait to make & celebrate many more priceless memories with you! We love you.


Friday, June 12, 2009

Back from Disney World

What a wonderful, tiring, and adventurous trip we had. Can you even use the word tiring & wonderful in the same sentence? You can if you have been to Disney World! It was the kids third time to be at Disney World, but this trip we did a lot of new stuff. We saw more of the shows, the Nemo show was fabulous(Lilly slept thru the whole show)! Then, the new Toy Story ride was one of my favorites, along with the kids. It is great, because at Disney you can be a kid as well, on these rides, which always makes it a bonus in my book. However, if anything topped this year it would have to be seeing the Star Wars characters. They were absolutely phenomenal! I couldn't get over how real they looked, much less how the adults were driving to get in line for their autograph. Seriously, there were more adults than get pictures with them, maybe even do a little sword fighting as well?! Bryce & Brock were beyond themselves, they were so pumped & excited about seeing their ultimate heroes. I think the boys have permanent dimples, due to all the continuous smiling that went on.

The last night at Disney, we ate at the Polynesian, Spirit of Aloha, which won best entertainment & food(pineapple bread was to die for) dinner. It also happened to be mine & Shane's 8 year Anniversary. We danced on stage, along with other couples about being in the spot light! It was fun & romantic. I love you Shane more & more everyday. Thanks for being my soul mate, best friend, and most of all the father of our 3 beautiful children!!

Following the dinner, we headed over to Magic Kingdom to see the night parade. It was so magical, that I even teared up about leaving. Who wants to return back from a fairytale land?
Lilly at the Biddy Bobbidi Boutique, getting dressed up like Little Mermaid.

However, all the magical was shattered by reality when Bryce spiked a really high fever. I was then now on a mission to keep his fever down & get us back home safely. We got home the next evening & after Bryce being on Motrin around the clock & only getting the fever down to 100, it was off to the doctor. Come to find out....Bryce had gotten the "Florida Flu"(just something we call it, since he contracted it there). Yes, he has the flu, Type A, and the younger ones are on the medication as well (preventitive). I guess that was God telling me, that we were Disney'ed out.

Back to the real world of LAUNDRY, a sick child, and Shane heading back off to work! Hi ho hi ho it's off to work we go.......
Daddy loving on his baby girl!
Thanks Nana & Aunt Nimmer for all your help on this a great vacation! We love you!