Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Time flies by..

Wow! I can't believe it is almost 2010! Where has 2009 went...well time just flies by when your busy with 3 active children. As I am typing I am trying to get all 3 of the kids healthy for a new year! Ha. A lot easier said than done, right?

Where to about with the oldest and I will just work my way down. Bryce started complaining about having those headaches again, so I went on ahead and took him in, because previously he started to vomit with these horrible headaches. Well, of course we didn't see our doctor(out of town) and this doctor couldn't find anything wrong with Bryce..go figure. This was just all a replay of last time when he had the sinus infection, but it was only detected thru the ct scan. Okay whatever, but I knew we would be back, but only to see OUR doctor next time(sorry, we love our pedi)! After Christmas Brock had not gotten any better with his cough, and him and Lilly were going hand and hand with this cough. So I thought I would go ahead and schedule something for them. Shane and I were leaving in the next couple of days for the A&M game..don't want to talk about that game..ha. So, I wanted to have everything under control for Nana. That night Brock woke up screaming about his ear hurting, so I took him into the doctor that morning(already knew what it was). Lord and behold, our doctor was working the after hours! What an answered pray! Brock had a horrible, horrible ear infection, so he is on antibiotics and a decongestant. I told Dr. LaCour about Bryce, and he gave him antibiotics. We were on a roll when he asked about Lilly. I told him Lilly was very congested, but didn't have any wheezing going on. We discussed her symptoms, then he gave me some meds as well for her. So nice to have such an understanding doctor who feels your pain. HA! So, we have half of Walgreen's in my cabinets right now. Needless to say, we are on the road to recovery!

We had an awesome Christmas as usual with the family. The kids are so truly blessed to have such wonderful grandparents. They love them so much they make it difficult for us to find space for all their toys. lol Santa was very generous again this year. However, the kids do act very well and are honestly great kids. Shane and I are so blessed to have 3 totally different, but compassionate kids. We love them so much.

I have truly loved having Bryce home all day and not just on the weekends. I think I might even shed a few tears when he goes back to school. Don't get me wrong..I do like some mommy time, but being a mom is just priceless! What wonderful memories to have when we are a family of FIVE!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Happy 7th Birthday Bryce

I can't believe 7 years ago, Shane and I had our first child. We love you so much Bryce, you are such a sunshine!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Fun and Games

What a fun field month of games we have had. When I say FIELD, I mean FIELD. We have lived on all sorts of fields this month. The baseball field, to Bryce's soccer field, followed by Brock and Lilly's soccer field. I think my backyard has molded into a field as well.Ha! Where to start...Well we are trying to all stay clear of this nasty flu going around. If I could I would move our house to the top of the mountain peak. This is what I feel like, since all of our neighbors & school friends have had or has the flu. Seriously, I don't have the time to catch this flu.. it just doesn't fit into my schedule.

Onto our schedule..Shane has been working with the daytime Gang division(dealing with the Houstone Tango Blast Gang). It has been quite an adjustment having another body in my bed at night(unless the little ones sneak in)Ha! I love having him here at night helping with hw, baths, reading, practices & saying goodnights(it can take awhile x3).

We started off the month with Brock's big GI Joe party. It was so much fun, we all wore camo & the little guys painted their faces, so we were camoed out!! I think we own the GI Joe aisle at Toy's R Us..Ha! Speaking of Brock, he is doing very well in pre-school(just got finished talking to his teacher about his fall evaluation). He has moved up again in gymnastics to a more challenging class. The problem with Brock is he is so young in age to be where he is that all the kids in his class are a good head taller. Brock comes up to their shoulders, but he doesn't seem to care. It is kinda funny seeing them build up the steps for the equipment so Brock can use it. My little munchkin is literally hanging with the big guys(7-9yr old). Brock has done an awesome job in soccer, getting cocky now by holding up his fingers everytime he scores a goal. One finger, two fingers, three fingers and so on, he is really proud of himself. Lilly just tries to keep up, we figure if she can follow Brock, then she will be fine in the game. However, Brock seems to be everywhere & poor Lilly's legs just can't seem to run that fast, but she got the concept.
Speaking of Lilly, she is growing like a weed. She can't wear anything from last year, so we have been on the hunt for winter clothes. However, I am just not impressed with the outfits the stores are selling. I know Lilly won't stay little forever, but I don't want her looking like a teenager! What is going on with the merchandise these days? She loves school & has really excelled in it. She asked me tonight at dinner,
Lilly-"Mommy do you know what holds your leg and foot together"?
Me- "No what"?
Lilly- "Your ankle"
Me- "Oh really"
Lilly- "Yes, and with your muscle right there"?
See what I have to deal with..a Miss Smarty Pants! lol

Mr. Bryceman! What a sweet little boy he has developed into. When I am having a bad day(feeling like Hitler), Bryce will say the sweetest thing that just melts me. He can turn your dark day into sunshine! We went to meet his teacher(conference) and she said she barely ever says this, because she is an honest person, but she wished her whole class was made up of Bryce's. Shane & I just felt a sign of relief, it does payoff. Correcting them when they slip off the path, being consistent with using your manners, and keep working together as parents. It is hard work, but these are the moments we love to hear. How our son lights up the room when we walks in, and how respectful he is to his teachers and peers. Shane & I honestly felt like we were on cloud 9(we actually took them to Chucky Cheese to celebrate). Bryce has done great at playing coach's pitch and really seems to enjoy soccer as well. He said next fall season he wants to play tackle football. He tells Shane he wants to play defense and rip somebody's head off...Oh boy!

As for me, I have been busy with the bow business and studying for school. My biggest challenge is trying to manage it all. What to do first. What is due tomorrow? How many bows?? I love to stay busy and anyone who knows me knows I'm a busy body like my dad. However, I really think I bit off more than I can chew this semester. My favorite quote is, "Who needs is overrated"!! I love doing it all and after a couple of unexpected events occurring this month, I am truly blessed!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Brock

Today, my Brockman is the BIG 5! Wow! Where does time go....My middle one will be going to kindergarten next year.
Brock has a fun and booked day today. He is at school right now, where I will be joining him for some cookie cake to celebrate with his class..lots of icing(he requested). Then, we are heading to Bryce's first baseball game(coaches pitch). Go Rangers!!! Following the game we are heading to Brock's favorite place, Chucky Cheese. We are going just as a family of 5, that way Bryce & Lilly can give Brock his presents that they personally picked out for him. It only took an hour for them to find the best present for him!! Ha! Brock will have his birthday party with friends & family at Cypress Academy(of course..Brock loves it there) this weekend. Then, family will come back afterwards to help watch his eyes pop out as he opens up gifts from them. As many of you know, Bryce & Lilly seem to favor each other in the similar attitude contest. However, Brock is very distinctive about showing & expressing his thoughts. He doesn't like to be center of attention or up on stage for any reasons. Much less, have his picture taken at school can sometimes do him in. Brock has always been strong willed & very hard headed, like me, but we know what we want when we want it. Ha! Here are some of the moments I cherish with him. Every night after I put the kids to bed I check my emails. Brock will get up about 15min later & peek around at me & say, "Mom I was just checking on you." It melts me, because I'm always the one checking on them, but Brock checks on me. Gotta love him. Brock also portrays himself as "tough dude" with friends & family. However, I see the sweet needed side of him, when he wants to be rocked. It is our time to bond(he bonds with daddy through rough housing)& for me to talk to him or just enjoy the quiet sound of our heart beats. I even like to sit there & smell his hair, or study his perfect hands & face. How this perfect baby is growing up into this perfect lil Brock.
Brock is a very active boy. No...let me clarify this 110% BOY!!! He loves to ride his bike, scooter, play soccer, baseball, and go swimming. His absolute favorite is gymnastics. Probably not to mention he is very good at it, but he loves flipping, and doing the rings(has to get his hands chalked up). Brock likes to be challenged. The more of a competition it is the better he is at it. He is our little go getter athlete who runs with the big boys..his brother! Brock seems to be head over heels for GI Joe toys. GI Joe this & GI Joe that is all he talks about. It is just amazing how God has blessed Shane & I with our lil Brockman. We love you buddy and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We Are Alive!

We are still kicking over here!! I'm just trying to come up for fresh air! So, to start things off, all of the Borak family is back in school except for Shane. Ha! Bryce started a week before the little ones & he really enjoys his new first grade teacher. Brock & Lilly are going on Tuesdays & Thursdays, while mommy is in class. Now I know why you go to school first before having kids. It is alittle suffocating sometimes! Anyway, Brock & Lilly are doing great at school. I was more worried about Brock, since he thinks he doesn't need school. However, after alittle smooth talking him into being the great big brother & escorting Lilly to her class, it has seemed to work like a charm. He does complain how school is to long, which has got me kinda worried about next year when he goes everyday to kindergarten. Will face that little challenge when the time comes. Don't really have time to dwell on it yet.

My business has seemed to have taken off, which is really weird since I'm not doing any shows...okay maybe 1. Only because my good friend is president of the show. So, this weekend I will be at the Berry Center in the arena(it has been a long time since a show). The shows are great.. you make money, then turn around only to have spent it there. Oh well, you break even in the end, right? I'm always looking at the positive side.

Knock on wood, we have all been healthy as a lark! I know tonight someone is going to wake up with a fever, but this is really great in our household!! Maybe, because I send hand sanitizer wipes in the kids lunches? Ha. Yes, I'm a little over the top, but that is what keeps me going thru the day. Speaking of day... yesterday I got stung 7 times by red hornets! OUCH!! Yes, it hurt very bad. I was sitting on a bench at the park watching the kids play, when I decided to get up, only to stick my pinky into the hand sized nest underneath the bench. I didn't know it was there & my friend & I had been sitting there for awhile & never saw 1 bee fly by. Of course not..they were all on the nest ready to manifest my finger! After I got them off my pinky, I realized my leg was hurting, only to have been stung there as well. So, I start running & my friend is shouting at me that the bees are chasing me..What? What kind of bees are these? Killer bees? However, 2 of them stung me on the back as well. So, it was 4 stings on the pinky, 1 on the leg, and 2 on the back. We decided we couldn't leave this nest up... so we decided to take matters into our own hands & kill the nest ourselves. It went surprisingly well. Jessica did a great job using killer spray & killing all of them & then squishing the nest. Whoohoo for the girls!! Ha I came home after this stinging event & took some Benadryl & 4 Ibuprofen. Then, just waited & watched as my 2 other fingers next to my pinky swelled before my eyes. I had my wedding ring stuck on my finger & my pinky looked like the size of my thumb. But, the good genes that I have, there was no allergic reaction(shortness of breath or airway constriction). My pinky is still swollen, but I have gained back my normal size fingers. I'm just very blessed & thankful it happened to me & not any of the 6 kids at the park.

Thanks for hanging in there, as I get back on my feet into blogging again.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Daddy's Police Car

I want to be just like my Daddy...
Shane brought the police car home today & he took the kids for an adventurous ride in it. They absolutely had the time of their life. Shane was showing them all the lights & sounds the car makes, then proceeded to show them where they put the "bad guys". However, they were not allowed to get in the back.. no telling what has been back there! You could just look at them & see their little minds just a spinning. Dad, what is this..what is that... I want to push the button.... let me see. It was great, our own field day in a police car. Thanks babe for making our kids grin from ear to ear. I know they are probably dreaming of becoming police officers right now.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mollie's Wedding

I am going to start with Mollie's Bach party, then the rehearsal following the wedding day. We thought our computer might have had a virus, so I was real hesitant on uploading anything to the computer.

Our PINK Hummer limo! Ashley, Ashley, Kimmer, Mollie, Me, Britney and Missy
Cheers! The inside of the limo.
Mollie & I
The jello shots are starting to take affect.All of us at the Pearl Bar.