Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We Are Alive!

We are still kicking over here!! I'm just trying to come up for fresh air! So, to start things off, all of the Borak family is back in school except for Shane. Ha! Bryce started a week before the little ones & he really enjoys his new first grade teacher. Brock & Lilly are going on Tuesdays & Thursdays, while mommy is in class. Now I know why you go to school first before having kids. It is alittle suffocating sometimes! Anyway, Brock & Lilly are doing great at school. I was more worried about Brock, since he thinks he doesn't need school. However, after alittle smooth talking him into being the great big brother & escorting Lilly to her class, it has seemed to work like a charm. He does complain how school is to long, which has got me kinda worried about next year when he goes everyday to kindergarten. Will face that little challenge when the time comes. Don't really have time to dwell on it yet.

My business has seemed to have taken off, which is really weird since I'm not doing any shows...okay maybe 1. Only because my good friend is president of the show. So, this weekend I will be at the Berry Center in the arena(it has been a long time since a show). The shows are great.. you make money, then turn around only to have spent it there. Oh well, you break even in the end, right? I'm always looking at the positive side.

Knock on wood, we have all been healthy as a lark! I know tonight someone is going to wake up with a fever, but this is really great in our household!! Maybe, because I send hand sanitizer wipes in the kids lunches? Ha. Yes, I'm a little over the top, but that is what keeps me going thru the day. Speaking of day... yesterday I got stung 7 times by red hornets! OUCH!! Yes, it hurt very bad. I was sitting on a bench at the park watching the kids play, when I decided to get up, only to stick my pinky into the hand sized nest underneath the bench. I didn't know it was there & my friend & I had been sitting there for awhile & never saw 1 bee fly by. Of course not..they were all on the nest ready to manifest my finger! After I got them off my pinky, I realized my leg was hurting, only to have been stung there as well. So, I start running & my friend is shouting at me that the bees are chasing me..What? What kind of bees are these? Killer bees? However, 2 of them stung me on the back as well. So, it was 4 stings on the pinky, 1 on the leg, and 2 on the back. We decided we couldn't leave this nest up... so we decided to take matters into our own hands & kill the nest ourselves. It went surprisingly well. Jessica did a great job using killer spray & killing all of them & then squishing the nest. Whoohoo for the girls!! Ha I came home after this stinging event & took some Benadryl & 4 Ibuprofen. Then, just waited & watched as my 2 other fingers next to my pinky swelled before my eyes. I had my wedding ring stuck on my finger & my pinky looked like the size of my thumb. But, the good genes that I have, there was no allergic reaction(shortness of breath or airway constriction). My pinky is still swollen, but I have gained back my normal size fingers. I'm just very blessed & thankful it happened to me & not any of the 6 kids at the park.

Thanks for hanging in there, as I get back on my feet into blogging again.