Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lilly Graduated from ECI!

Wow! I can honestly say after 5 years the Borak household is done with speech! Bryce started speech when he was younger, then Brock & it was a routine until today. Lilly being the last was able to officially say goodbye to all of it. It is kinda sad in a way, because my kids are growing up so fast. ECI was a life saver to us over all the courageous years & we want to thank them all! I was real ecstatic to get Lilly's final review. Lilly tested over the age of 39 months for her cognitive, communication, social-emotional & adaptive behavior. She was on the level for 33 months for physical. Which was not surprising, but more elated, since Lilly had such very low muscle tone. Lilly could not walk up the stairs foot after foot. Basically, you have to not touch the same stair your previous foot is already on. It is constant, one foot per stair repeatedly. However, I am delighted on Lilly's all around progress. This is not including Lilly's 3month of prematurity. She she is a year ahead. Boy, was I not shocked on that one! Now, we are down from 8 specialists to 2! Making great progress. I always believe that God gave us the time for Lilly's lungs to heal & he proved again how blessed we are. In just 2 years Lilly has chopped the number of doctors we were seeing to rarely anything. God is so good!

Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of Kindergarten!

Bryce did an awesome job today. We all survived!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The First Time!

Bryce is starting Kindergarten tomorrow! His first day of school is less than 24 hours away? Where has time gone...too fast for me, as if it is like sand slipping thru each finger of my hand. I can't grasp it, but yet I can feel it! I told Shane I feel like I had just gotten to see my precious baby boy in the NICU for the first time. I was shortened my time of pregnancy(by 6 weeks), but yet he was HERE! The first here to be loved, held, fed, his protector, teacher & now his parents. There is a first for everything...
- first pregnancy
- first born
- first to leave behind in the NICU
- first haircut
- first tooth
- first holidays
- first soccer game
However, it doesn't justify knowing you are sending your first born off to a lifetime of school, when I feel like I just got him home from the hospital.

I guess for me, a stay at home mom, I am use to being with Bryce for all hours of the day. Now, he will attend 35hours a week away from me! I will admit I like to have a little mommy time(keeps me sane), but now he will be gone. I know he is going to have a wonderful time & I am so proud to see what path God has chosen for him. Bryce is a sensitive, full hearted little boy who has great words of wisdom. Bryce's words can move the dark clouds out of the sky for the sun to shine. When you least expect it, Bryce will tell you how beautiful you are or how much he loves to have you here with him. Such a thankful little soul. Now I know where his sister gets it from. If you could please pray that Bryce & I get through tomorrow. Maybe, a little more for me- I am going to need it!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Little OLYMPIAN!!

Wow, we have been so busy with all this Olympic excitement! I would have to say I am alittle bummed w/ Michael Phelps being done w/ all his races! He is just amazing to watch, beside the fact that Shane & I love the swimming events. However, we have moved on; watching Bryce complete his gymnastics. His gymnastics academy put on a little event show....maybe since it is Olympic Time!? Bryce did an exceptional job! Shane & I were blown away how strong he is...HERCULES HERCULES! I thought afterward he would definitely indore in a heating pad! He did great & we are so proud of you BRYCE!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Upset with Insurance

I received some very upsetting news this week..... as of March 2009, our insurance will no longer except our pediatrician. I am absolutely devastated to say the least.. We have been with our amazing doctor for over 5 incredible yrs, since Bryce was born to be exact. I feel as if we are not going to get the same high rise treatment if we are torn into going somewhere else. Which to me I would stay there forever, however, my husband has seen the medical bills pour in thru the mail, so he is a little more moving into finding another doctor. It is just not the same; to walk into the NICU & see your pedi holding & loving on your baby- I was just speechless. I was a real BIG advocate about not having Lilly stay in her bed the whole time, that is why we moved Babies R' US up there. I wanted her to be up & out exploring her surroundings. Seeing what she was all surrounded by & not just the 4 sides of her bed! The nurses were always moving & Lilly liked to watch. However, if I could I would have stayed up there 24/7 & just held her, but I had two precious boys at home who were dying for mommy's attention! Needless to say, when Shane & I or family members were not up there holding Lilly- our doctor was when he was at the hospital. I am just lost w/ all these mixed emotions of being angry, sad, hopelessness, feeling a failure to my children, uneducated on where to go next! How do I go about finding a new one? Start calling, interviewing, take my kids up there & let them decide? I feel completely in the dark. Maybe I don't want to start yet or ever, but when? Bryce & Brock are due for their yearly checkup w/n the next couple of months, should I start then. Should Dr. LaCour see them one last time or perhaps a new doctor? I have always felt 100% everything when it came to our pediatrician, I think that is why I feel like I am letting my kids down. Letting them down, because I feel like we have one of the best doctors in the world & I can't do anything about it to continue for them to stay there. I have spoke with our nurses & doctor & they all said to complain to the insurance company. I have called & called, left a million messages, but can't reach anyone to help me. I am not going to quit & will fight tooth & nail for us to stay. Then, I think this letter went out 6months ahead for a reason. So, please pray that our insurance will come to some sort of agreement with Texas Children's Pediatric Association, before my time is up.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Space Center

Here our some pictures at the Space Center. We & the kids had a great time!