Monday, May 18, 2009

Never Ending of Sports

Bryce & Brock started their first year of playing t-ball. Bryce plays for Cy-Fair sports & Brock is at the YMCA. They both have really taken to the sport; however, Shane & I haven't to the schedules. Someone is either here or there..we are basically coming & going. Bryce is also doing swim team for the first time as well. We didn't know they started so soon, it is overlapping with t-ball games & practices.

Here is a little insight of what Saturday looked like for us starting at 6am......swim meet in the morning, Brock's t-ball game, Bryce's t-ball game, then out to eat at the restaurants who sponsored our t-ball team. There were 2 sponsors, so 2 places to attend. So we didn't get home until 3ish, then Brock had his gymnastics performance at 6. With this all being said, it was Shane's first day to be off in a while, while we were planning on going out that night...the couch seemed to absorb me before getting to go. I was literally exhausted!

Here are some pictures of the non-stop sports weekend.